Band Bio

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Red Hearted Vibrations are a 5-piece band from Glasgow, Scotland.

The band is made up of two sets of siblings: Laura (Vocals) & Steven (Drums), Craig (Guitars) & Graham (Bass) and Ewan (Guitars).

The biggest mismatch of people, with all different musical influences has made for the greatest local band coming together to create beautiful sounds.

From modern day pop to 70s hard rock to disco and dance, we write and perform it all while having fun and a laugh.

Each song that the band write and produce collectively as Red Hearted Vibrations come from different roots, with different styles and genres - but all come together with the big, anthem sound people have come to know.

2021 saw the band releasing their debut album "Storms On The Wildfire Mountain" which they will be taking on the road in 2022 to promote.


From headlining their first ever show at Glasgow's infamous King Tuts, to performing up and down the UK festival circuit - the future is bright for Glasgow's hottest upcoming rock band


Ewan DriveR


Laura Nelson


Steven Nelson


Graham White


Craig White